Below are screenshots showing evidence of coordinated efforts by Establishment Republicans including Candace Czarny LD3 (who recently lost an election and was replaced) and Merissa Hamilton LD2, both close allies of Dan Farley LD4 (who has already instituted a type of “Chinese Social Credit Score” in his LD as he plays victim against “bullying”) to maintain total secrecy, censor, and punish anyone they don’t agree with. This is clearly stomping on Free Speech and the 1st Amendment, much like Democrats working with Pfizer have done to censor truth and life-saving information against the Covid-19 killshot that they don’t agree with on social media.

If these efforts are allowed to continue and succeed, the Republican Party and the United States will soon lose all Free Speech and be relegated to socialist countries like France where a Woman Faces $13,000 Fine For Calling French President ‘Filth’ On Facebook.

If the endless injuries and deaths from the jab have shown us anything, it is that we must act to protect the 1st Amendment and Free Speech from any attempts at censorship.

When asked about these efforts by Candace Czarny’s “shadow board” private club, the newly elected LD3 Chair Bob Gomez had this to say:

“For those who are wanting to implement punishments for those who are speaking freely exercising their First Amendment rights–I cannot support doing anything that would hinder their ability to speak. I would certainly ask those that conduct themselves in a hurtful and disrespectful manner to reconsider what they say or write so that it maintains a considerate and respectful tone. For those individuals that refuse to do that, I think a simple coming together for a one on one conversation is the appropriate way for any two people who have a dispute to try to work it out in a more professional manner. We are not children for those who, like to punish their children. A more positive way of teaching children is to teach them how to do things properly in a positive way. For those receiving the criticism, one might look within themselves to try to understand what is causing the strong reactions from others. I cannot support penalties and punishment for those who choose to speak out, even if it is against me. It is incumbent upon me to reach out to them to see if I can work things out. Everyone involved should take a moment to try to look through God’s loving eyes and evaluate how God would conduct himself.”
LD3 Chair Bob Gomez

Screenshots below (full emails and documents with sources available)

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